It’s happening all the time. In NZ 2008 96 people drowned, 78% of them men. And there are many more near-drownings, also many cases of the surf lifeguards rescuing people who have over-estimated their capabilities or failed to learn beach safety.

There are cases of people drowning while trying to save their relatives or friends.  Others have no idea of beach safety and take no notice of warnings. People go in the water fully dressed or in unsuitable gear which makes swimming difficult.


Can YOU float?

Swim on your

side or back?

Tread water?

Swim 40 lengths?

Can your children?

Many men think that because they are powerful and can swim a few rough strokes they could overcome a strong rip. In practice many have never experienced being out of their depth and have few skills to draw on.

Most school pools are only waist deep which gives a false sense of security. For confidence training, water at least 2 metres deep is necessary, and lifesaving training is much more realistic when the water is deep.