Brown wants free pools for all NZ Herald 15 Jan 2011

By Bernard Orsman

As Aucklanders continue to head to the water to cool off in the summer heat, Mayor Len Brown is keen to extend the free-swimming-pools policy in Manukau to the whole city.

Mr Brown is commissioning a report on the cost, equity and fairness of making all of Auckland's 23 council-owned pools free.

Country districts can’t even provide pools!

Good luck, Mr. Brown. In the Far North there is only one public indoor pool (and a few outdoor pools, open for 3 months of the year) in the whole of the area.

We can’t really blame the Council, as there are insufficient funds available from the rates to build and operate more pools.  Health is a responsibility of Central Government, and as we argue on a previous page, swimming pools promote health.  Politicians of all parties should realise this! In the long run, more pools save health dollars.

not in the Far  North District Council Area