An Example to Follow


The closest part of the United Kingdom to New Zealand is the Shetland Islands, way north of Scotland (measure on a globe if you don’t believe me!).  Every major island (some with less than 1000 inhabitants) has at least one Leisure Centre with exercise equipment and paid instructors, an exercise hall and an indoor heated SWIMMING POOL though mostly not of the standard 25metre length.

Here are some photographs and a map: most other NZ districts outside the cities are also poorly served.

The Shetland Islands Council runs a BUS SERVICE!

and no pool

further North


The Shetland Islands showing the location of Leisure Centres, each with an indoor heated swimming pool. At Lerwick it’s 50 metres, others 25, 16.7 or 12.5


To the same scale, part of Northland. There is a public heated indoor pool at Kawakawa and a large pool complex at Whangarei (pop.51000) That’s it. Some schools have an outdoor pool, usable for about three months of the year, with no full time attendants or instructors.

Some Shetland Islands Activity Centres, all with pools

And while Mum has a swim...

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