We are continually being told that we need to exercise more, and a target of 10,000 walking steps a day is prescribed. This is good, but there are several problems: outdoor walking is not possible for many of us in winter or bad weather and in some districts it is unpleasant (bad roads or no pavements) or unsafe. Also many people have joint or muscle problems that prevent them walking far. Walking, too, exercises mostly leg muscles.

Swimming however suits nearly everyone! The whole body is involved but the weight-bearing joints are given a partial rest though they are mobilised. The heart rate and rate of breathing are adjusted by the degree of effort we make.

Actual swimming is not the only form of exercise that is available: aquacise and resisted walking are two of the many other uses of a pool.

This lady is only

aged 91 years

and loves the water!

So the doctor prescribes swimming: but where do most

of us get our medicine?