It’s good to see headlines in our daily paper or on TV and to see that one of our champion swimmers has won an international competition.

It’s not so good to see that New Zealanders, usually men, have drowned. But this regularly happens, simply because most Kiwis cannot swim. Cannot swim, that is, with enough stamina and skill to keep out of harm’s way and to rescue others when necessary. Also, we don’t swim well enough to exercise.

We must encourage and teach swimming and provide many more all-year swimming pools, for two main reasons. There are others.

Swim or Sink?



New Zealand has a very long coastline and many rivers and lakes. Many people engage in some sort of water-based activity, boating, surfing, diving, fishing, canoeing , swimming, and so on...

We must exercise to be healthy. Without a proper diet and sufficient exercise we will be ill. Obesity is an epidemic and the danger has been compared with global warming...

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