The ferry runs hourly from Rawene to the Narrows Landing on the half hour, and hourly on the hour in the reverse direction. The journey takes up to twelve minutes depending on the tide.

In peak periods there is a continuous shuttling service. The ferry can take trucks and buses in addition to a number of cars and has an upstairs cabin for passengers.

Tourists like the break in their journey and remember Rawene as the Ferry Town. Some  even travel to and from several times on foot passenger tickets, enjoying the ride and the scenery.

Though the ferry does not run at night it is always available in case of medical emergency at no charge, and there are often special sailings. There’s the emergency helicopter too !

About the Ferry

This was the ferry in 1950-1960. It was called “The Barge” and the name is still sometimes used today

2005: Kohu Ra Tuarua, powered by four Schottel jet units.

The Hokianga Harbour Ferry Effective and Affordable Options

This website is designed to focus attention on the Hokianga Harbour.  Once there were few roads, few visitors and many boats, sailing and steam driven, linking the many communities.

Times change, there are few vessels and the Harbour has come to seem something of a hindrance to travel. But it shouldn’t be, if there are ferry services which are cheap, frequent, and cross in the right places. And tourists love ferries!

“Politics is the art of the possible” according to Prince Otto von Bismarck.  It is clear is that there isn’t a lot of money to spend. The suggestions here are moderate in cost and should be affordable.

There is much discussion about the cost of ferry fares, though there are special rates for those who use it a lot. The ferry should be considered a road, and be free. It is also true that a more frequent service over an extended timetable would be desirable.

So what can be done to make the ferry even better? Read on...

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