Why is the Northern ferry terminal at its present position?

Because when the ferry was introduced there was already a barging ramp at the wrong place and the Long Wharf was still in place.

For all these years a lot of fuel and time have been wasted because of an unnecessarily long route!

At least a 30% saving could be made by building a ferry terminal at the Long Wharf site. True, it’s a little further from Kohukohu but then it’s the same distance closer to Panguru.

We could have an economical half hourly service with time to spare if the terminal were moved.

• Moving the Northern Ferry Landing to the site of the old Long Wharf would shorten the journey by 30% thus saving time and fuel and allow a more frequent service (see next page). It’s also the right place for a possible Cable Ferry terminal because there is no very deep water.

• The causeway required could be formed with dredgings as material for “mudcrete” technology, as used by Ports of Auckland for its recent reclamations.

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