A Ferry from Kohukohu to (almost) Horeke

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Whats a Cable Ferry?


Without a connection to North and South Hokianga users of the Far North Cycleway must return the way they came... but with a ferry to Kohukohu they have access to all the tourist attractions of Hokianga. It will be good for Horeke too, as some cyclists and walkers will want to stay there for the night before crossing over. And there’s the West to East traffic too!

A ferry (preferably a Cable Ferry) from Kohukohu to Ivydale offers many benefits. The only roading required is about 600 level metres from the eastern ferry landing to an existing level metalled road, and another two kilometres of improvement to that road.

This would put Kohukohu only five kilometres from Horeke, which rewrites the social geography of the Hokianga.  it gives Horeke residents the ability to travel to north west Hokianga easily. It also allows Kohukohu people to get to State Highway 1 at Rangiahua in fifteen easy kilometres, which makes their journey South much easier. The journey from Kohukohu to Kerikeri is now 52 km along easy roads, instead of 75 along difficult ones, so that employment opportunities are opened up: the journey would take about half the time.

All traffic from North Hokianga will find this shorter and easier access to SH1 very useful. Together with the existing ferry service, this resolves many of the communication problems of the Hokianga for comparatively little expense.