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... you might consider telling your friends about this website, writing to your MP, the Minister of Health, the Minister of Sport & Recreation, or anyone else who can exert some influence.


You can contact us at robinsnest@actrix.co.nz and we could let you have a copy of our DVD to view and show others, if you think you can make good use of it.


The film shows FAR more in its 51 minutes than we can hope to illustrate here.


Kia Ora katoa!  Keep fit by eating and exercising properly!


We are an older couple, living in a rural environment. It is hard for us to walk every day but we do it despite the poor surface of the unsealed road.
Jenny was a physiotherapist until she retired a year or two ago, Robin was a science teacher. For nine years he was an elected trustee of the local hospital, so both of us know something of the problems.
The nearest indoor public swimming pool to us is 74 km away: but it is not always available, and many people in the district live much further from it than we do!
The Problem.
Fatness to Fitness.
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Lesson for NZ.
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