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Just for fun: a working ferry on this website! It may take a while to load, especially if you still have dial-up, and you need the Flash plug-in (which your browser probably has already). There are sound effects, though you don’t absolutely need them. As the ramps go down there is quite a clang.

Come and enjoy a trip on the real ferry, which takes many more vehicles.

Maintenance and Repairs - July 2013: The Hokianga Harbour ferry, Kohu Ra Tuarua, will be out of service from 9th July to 23rd July 2013 for maintenance and repairs.The ferry will be removed from the water to facilitate cleaning and painting of the hull and fittings below the waterline. For the duration of the maintenance period an alternative passenger-only ferry will be supplied to operate a service from the Rawene Wharf to the Kohukohu Township Wharf. The passenger ferry will operate to the same sailing timetable (see below) as the Kohu Ra Tuarua. The dates have been chosen to coincide with a low use period. It is almost eight years since the ferry was last slipped for hull maintenance. The hull condition is checked and monitored annually by dive survey.