The historic Rawene Waka, once used for fishing

on the Waima River around 100 years ago

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People in Rawene are still concerned about the immediate future of the river Waka in the main street. Specialist advice was sought last year from Dean Whiting, the Maori Heritage Manager  of the NZ Historic Places Trust, about appropriate actions to conserve it.  Local kaumatua Horotai Tito attended this discussion.

The essential thing is that the waka needs to be protected from the weather, so we hope something can be organised that meets the requirements and follows appropriate protocols that everyone is happy with. Consultation will occur: please contact the newsletter for further information.

Some of the matters that will have to be decided include:

- How much should the waka be restored? There are metal fastenings at present in its structure - should these be removed? (Restoration would be by experts)

It must have a roof over it for protection, and there will not be room for this at its present site, so:

- Where should it be sited? Clendon Esplanade perhaps? Somewhere else?