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Let us fill you in on the History of 12 Parnell Street, Rawene – the home of WARDYS FRUIT & VEGE EMPORIUM.

The first commercial building on the site was a Garage back in the 1920s, in competition with the then Rawene Motors, now Rawene Service Station.

It eventually closed down as a trading entity, and the big empty building was converted into a Roller Skating Rink, where the locals adults and children were taught the art of Roller skating by a Tutor who travelled out from Kaikohe.

This venture ran its course and eventually the old building was dismantled.

In the 1950s, the Donaldsons, Len and his wife Kath, now owners of the site, built the present building which comprised two shops, a building, hardware and paint supplies shop, and a Ladies and Children’s ware shop, both of which were run by the family.

Len and Kath expanded their business operations to other buildings and businesses in the Town, and the building at 12 Parnell Street became empty, but in the ensuing years was rented by numerous tenants – i.e. the TAB, the PEP (subsidised labour scheme), Hokianga Stained Glass and various tenants as living accommodation, which included the colourful, talented “Harmonica” Phyl James.

In 2002 the property was purchased by Brett Ward (Wardy) and 2003 saw the opening of WARDYS FRUIT & VEGE EMPORIUM.

Brett and his team established, built up and ran the business for three years then leased it for a period of four years.

November 2010 saw the return of Wardy to the business and the beginning of the growth and expansion evidenced today.

This will be ongoing – WATCH THIS SPACE!